Five Key Pieces for the Bohemian Home

A bohemian person is, by definition, someone to lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules, someone who lives a wandering life, a free-spirit who is open-minded.

Likewise, a “bohemian” space should follow suit and reflect the person living there. It should be wild and free, full of color and culture. A place where comfort and creativity are of the utmost importance. At Sunnyside Trading Company, we’ve curated collections that help you find everything you need to create such a space.

Meditation pillows

Imagine a room with no chairs, no couches, just large colorful pillows and cushions all over the floor. Sounds like a fun room right? Meditation pillows aren’t just fun, they are practical too, especially if you meditate. Meditation pillows allow for better posture while meditating, decreasing the risk of hurting your spine. They can also contribute to the energy of your space depending on what color or colors make up your pillow. Click here to learn the energy each color promotes.



Crystals and stones have been believed for many years to hold certain properties and energies that benefit humans. At our retail shop, you can find Amethyst geodes that promote a calm, peaceful atmosphere. You can also find Jasper pillars believed to promote a relaxing environment, as well as Rose Quartz which is known as the “love stone”. Even if you don’t believe in crystals and stones giving off energies, they still add a nice natural touch to the space.



A bohemian space would not be complete without a tapestry spicing up the wall. We have some striking tapestries too. These wall coverings are great because they are cultivated by the owners from other countries and serve as works of art. A tapestry from Sunnyside will add even more color and culture to your space!



A floor covered in meditation pillows is great, but you might need just a little more padding between you and the floor to make it extra comfortable. When looking for a rug, be sure to acquire one that has traction against the floor, feels soft not scratchy, and fits your square footage so that it feels comfortable but not sparse. You can even diagonally layer these for a rich, luxurious effect. These rugs have colorful patterns that will make your floor pop.



Natural light is ideal for a home because it strengthens the comfortable and relaxing energy you are seeking. During the day sun light floods the room through windows, but what happens when the sun sets? Candles provide just the right amount of warm natural light needed for a cozy night in your bohemian space. We're proud to offer candles made by local Asheville artisans. Look for soy-based wax or natural beeswax candles without synthetic fragrances or dyes. These candles do not give off any harmful fumes and they smell great! They are a perfect last touch to any room.

And just like that: you have a bohemian home where you can relax and meditate, a place that has culture and stimulates creativity.

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