The Beauty of Kantha Blankets

Kantha, a vastly popular style of embroidery found all over the world, can be traced back over hundreds of years to its humble origins in India.

Traditionally, Kantha needlework was used as a way for poorer families to reuse their old clothing and turn them into blankets. The Kantha tradition can be traced back over a thousand years when Bengali wives used it as a way to create quilts. Kantha embroidery is also very important to the Hindu religion. Kantha blankets and garments have been used in Hindu traditions for hundreds of years. In fact, the name “Kantha” comes from “Nilakanth” which is another name for the Hindu god Shiva.

Kantha translates to “throat.” The Myth states that the name Nilakanth (blue throat) was given to Lord Shiva after he swallowed poison created by rough ocean waters. “Kantha” is also a name given to the throat chakra which is believed to dictate communication and expression.


From India to Asheville

We are dedicated to keeping the tradition of Kantha needlework alive. We work with strategic partners in India who hire women in villages to create Kantha quilts out of Jaipur vintage fabrics. These quilts are then carefully packaged and shipped, or hand-picked by us on buying trips in India, where the blankets ultimately find homes on our storefront shelves. The Kantha blanket is embraced for its diverse color and pattern, so we can offer our customers a wide variety of blankets made using this embroidery technique.

What historically started as a simple way to make the lives of villagers easier is now a way for economically-challenged villagers to make enough money to support themselves and their families.

Working with villagers and vendors in India in order procure original Kantha quilts is yet another way that the team at Sunnyside Trading Company actively promotes a global community. Personally, we love the colorful quilts because each one is so soft and completely unique. There is much love and intention put into it.


How to Use Kantha Quilts In Your Home

These quilts fit a twin sized bed, ideal for any child's room especially given their durability and texture. They can also provide the perfect pop of color for a living room or any room for that matter.

You can shop our Kantha quilts here.