Styling a Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom

Finding the right combination of color, texture and culture. 

The beauty of blankets and pillows is their versatility and the story that they hold. In hthis bedroom we kept the colors vibrant yet simple. We combined a variety of textiles from around the world, include black and white mud cloth, and colorful vintage kantha from India. The idea of a bohemian home is rooted in blending colors and textures. No better way than to pick out what you love. Chances are if will all flow together. 



A beautiful bohemian bench at the foot of the bed for that perfect touch of color.  

What is better than beauty and functionality? This narrow bench is an antique Chinese work bench that has been uphosltered with a beautiful and colorful batik cloth from the Hmong people of Northern Vietnam. A whole lot of store back into a little bench! 


The Perfect Pillow

Pillows can add the perfect touch to any space. A bed, chair, couch, windowsill, floor! Here is featured a tribal design made from a vintage mud cloth blanket sourced from Mali in Western Africa. Blending colors and textures to add culture and comfort to your home.