Check Out These Funky Bohemian
Mid Century Style Chairs

Sunnyside's bohemian chairs are unlike anything else. They are colorful, comfortable and eye catching. They are completely one of a kind because we use unique vintage textiles for the upholstery. The frames of the chairs are replicas of mid-century models, mostly on metal bases. They swivel, and some models even rock back as well. 

Checkout these beautiful bohemian chairs

Directly Working with the Source.

We hand pick all of the textiles that go onto the chairs, and work closely with a manufacturer in India, ensuring that we can offer the best quality at the best prices. We strive to offer you something that is beautiful, comfortable and affordable. Hopefully you will walk into your home and smile every time you see your happy chair.  

Think Globally, Act Locally. 

This Peakcock chair is another example of our beautiful bohemian chairs

The "Happy Boho"

We love bohemian style, and often use many elements to make our space really funky and bohemian. But the usual reaction we get to these bohemian chairs is pure joy! So we decided to focus on just offering happiness. Whether its in the form of a chair or a great converstation. Spreading happiness any way we can. 

Mid Century model Bohemian Chairs

You Will Find One That You Love

With a wide variety of colors and models, you will see what that speaks to you.