Small Bohemian Colorful Accents

Poufs, also known as floor pillows, meditation cushions, bolster cushions, foot rests, and even dog beds... can serve many purposes. Once you add this comfortable and practical item to your living space you wont know how you went so long without one! Poufs add a fun bohemian vibe to your space, creating a unique and funky additional seat! 

A bohemian pop of color can also easily be stored under the coffee table

Around the coffee table

Do  you ever have people over for dinner or game night and there just isn't enough seating? With poufs you can easily seat more people around your coffee table. Even if its just you and you want to eat at the coffee table, or play cards, or work on your laptop, being low and comfortable makes all the difference!

A bohemian pop of color like this pouf can also easily be stored under the coffee table and pulled out when needed, or uses as a foot rest the rest of the time. 

Toddlers and Children LOVE them!

Imagine being able to throw yourself over a giant pillow that was bigger than you. So you might envision your bed... But for kids these poufs are a super fun toy. Toddlers can hold themselves up on them and the PLOP down with great might! 

These floor pillows make an amazing addition in children's room or play rooms next to their bed  to help them get up, or for you to sit while they play on the floor. 

The soft and colorful vintage textiles that we use are totally eye catching and children love the color. 

Children playing on floor pillows

Dogs make themselves at home on this furniture too!

Dogs make themselves at home too!

Often we find that a dog or cat will claim a pouf as their own. And they are typically so cute that we don't mind. Because if your dog does want a nice to play to lay and rest and be in your company, isn't it nice to have a beautiful piece of furnishing that doesn't look like a traditional dog bed?