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Travel Home Philosophy 

There is something special about sitting on your couch wrapped up in a vintage blanket from India, or glancing over and seeing real indigo block print on your favorite chair.  In this globalized world full of instant connection and gratification, being able to physically connect with a product that is rich in culture and history is grounding. Each stitch tells a story. Each dye is inspired from colors of nature. Each print is pressed with ancient techniques, passed down through the generations. Traditionally, textiles were precious possessions with infinite value.

We wish to bring back the sacred story, hopefully weaving a new cultural quilt where we are all connected.

We are dedicated to offering mostly one of a kind treasures that will enrich your home, and the lives of those who created the goods. We are sustainable, global, and Asheville local.

Family Business 

Sunnyside Trading Co is a family business located in Asheville, NC.  Our mission is to connect people, places and stories by sharing textiles and intriguing objects from around the world.

Our collective love for travel, history and culture stems from an upbringing in Paris, France, followed by numerous backpacking trips around Europe, Central and South America, India and Southeast Asia. The highlights of our experiences are the people we have connected with along the way.  

After returning home, we found comfort and shared stories through the gift we brought back. What started as Kashmir scarves from India, or handbags from Guatemala bloomed into this idea of bringing the colors of the world into our home. So that we can feel connected to our travels from the comfort of our living rooms.

 Think Globally and Create Locally 

The story behind vintage textiles, antiques, and random relics are what make them fascinating. When we travel to hunt for textiles and design product we strive to connect with other people and cultures in order to share their stories with you! 

At this point in time the majority of our textiles and furniture are sourced from around the world. We strive to support local artisans when we travel and help sustain their local economy. However we also want to support our community of artists in Asheville! 

Locally we turn our fabric finds in beautiful pillow cases, purses, scarves and drapery. 

Custom requests are welcome!