Mudcloth Pillow - Patterned Black & Tan

Mudcloth Pillow - Patterned Black & Tan


These pillowcases are assembled locally in Asheville from handwoven Mudcloth fabric procured from Mali, Africa.  

Due to the nature of the vintage fabrics, slight imperfections are to be embraced! 2 available


Fillers/ Inserts not included.

Shipping is FREE.

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only.


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Mali Mudcloth

Mali mudcloth, also known as bogolan or Bògòlanfini is a handmade, cotton fabric dyed using fermented mud. Widely popular in fashion, art, and home decor, mudcloth is a staple of Malian culture. The tribal and geometric shapes offer a visually aesthetic style steeped in rich history. Each offers its own unique symbolism and story.