Vintage H'mong Batik Pillowcase

Vintage H'mong Batik Pillowcase


Vintage Indigo Batik Pillow made from Hemp fabric.

We source all of our Indigo Batik from the H'mong People of Northern Vietnam.

Due to the nature of the vintage fabrics, slight imperfections are to be embraced! 

Fillers/ Inserts not included.

Shipping is FREE. 

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only.


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Our Hmong Textiles

Our textiles are sourced directly from the Hmong People living in Northwest Vietnam, just south of the Chinese border and just east of the Laos and Myanmar borders. Our pillows are made from vintage and new hemp fabrics made by the local artisans. The rolls are contemporary block batik and embroidery, also weaved from hemp, and made for clothing. The pillows are all priced individually and the rolls are priced according to their length and embroidery. We welcome showing you any of the pieces unrolled.

About H'mong Indigo Batik

Batik is a textile technique using hot liquid wax to draw patterns on a fabric's surface before dyeing. In H'mong culture, traditionally hemp fabric is used along with natural indigo leaves to make the fabric a beautiful dark navy blue color. When applied to the surface of the fabric, the wax cools and dries to act as a resistant against the indigo dye, keeping the part of the fabric blocked with patterns in the original color. When the dyeing process is complete, the wax is removed with heat and the pattern is revealed.